Flexible Flatfoot (Child or teen) Page 2

Pre and Postop Subtalar Implant

Clinical Pics of Patient

Below are x-rays of a foot pre-operatively (left) where the black line indicates and plantarflexed (downward directed) talus bone and post-surgical repair with a subtalar joint implant and lenthening of the calf muscle which allows the calcaneus (heel bone) to set underneath the talus and the implant keeps the talus from subluxing off the calcaneus and now the talus is more inline with the front of the foot (right).

S/P gastroc recession and subtalar implant (Below)

Preop of Left foot and post op Right foot status post flatfoot correction with subtalar implant (Below)

Pre and Postop Subtalar implant and gastroc recession (calf muscle lengthening) (Below)

Below is a photograph of a patient before and after flat foot surgical correction with subtalar joint implant


Preop and postop flatfoot correction with subtalar implant and percutaneous Achilles lengthening right foot (Below)


Postop ( Right is corrected and Left is not)


Preop of Left foot and post op Right foot status post achilles lengthening and subtalar implant (below)

Pre and Post op pictures status post subtalar implant flatfoot correction (Below)

Post Percutaenous Achilles lengthening and subtalar implant for flatfoot correction Right and preop flatfoot correction Left (Below)