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Pre and Post Trimalleolar Fracture S/P ORIF with Fixation Posterior Malleolus

Before and after trimalleolar fracture with Ex Fix

Trimalleolar Fracture Series


A plate and screws were placed to repair the fibula fracture. This is called an anti-glide plate and is placed on the posterior or back of the fibula. The posterior malleolar fracture was reduced and fixated with 2 screws percutaneously.


This is a series of pics of a neglected ankle fracture after 4.5 months. The fracture is displaced and the ankle joint is subluxed.

These are pics of the fracture healed but in very bad position. The space between the talus and tibia is abnormal (spacing seen at the right hand aspect of the left hand picture). The fibula is healed but displaced laterally which allows the talus and rest of the foot to follow, translating laterally. The foot is also posteriorly displaced as can be seen on the bottom right pic.

These are CT scan pics of the healed fractures with fracture callus. The abnormal joint position can be easily sen on the bottom right. The bones should be perfectly aligned.

These are pics of the fibular fracture being taken down so the ankle can be reduced and external fixation applied.

This is pics of the external fixator on after reduction of the fracture. The joint is reduced an in excellent position.