Cuboid Fractures

By: Robert H. Sheinberg, D.P.M., D.A.B.F.A.S., F.A.C.F.A.S.

The cuboid is a bone on the outside of the foot that connects the rear part of the foot to the middle and front portion of the foot. Cuboid fractures in isolation are relatively uncommon. They are often associated with other midfoot type injuries. Injuries to the cuboid are more commonly seen. in a motor vehicle accident or falls from a height. Stress fractures are relatively uncommon to that bone.

When there is pain on the midfoot region that is unresponsive to rest, then evaluation is necessary. This would include x-rays and possibly an MRI to evaluate the injury. If the fracture appears to be into the margin of the joint and displaced, CT scans may be necessary to fully evaluate the injury.

If the fracture is nondisplaced, cast immobilization may be necessary for 6-8 weeks. A full return to sports and activity is expected.

If the fracture is displaced, treatment may include an open reduction and internal fixation to allow the joint surface to be anatomic. This will prevent long-term problems including arthritis to the outer midfoot region area.

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