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Bone Cysts

Intraop Pics of Subungal Osteochondroma Causing pain and nail abnormality

Below is pics of a large bone cyst in the shaft of the proximal phalanx of the fourth toe. The patient had chronic pain, swelling and microfractures in the bone due to the cyst. We make a window on the top of the bone, curette and clean out all the abnormal material and then pack it with bone graft from the patient's heel.

Xrays of above status post bone graft. The bottom left picture is the heel bone with the donor site


Bone Cyst at Big Toe Joint after Previous Injury. We resect the smooth the area to stop pain and diminished motion.

Bone Cyst in 1st Metatarsal Head during Bunuonectomy. We currette the cyst and pack it with autogenous bone graft from the patient to give stability to the cyst