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Testimonials 3

As a parent, it is difficult to watch your child suffer from a condition and not have options or solutions to correct it medically. This is how I felt after years of my son seeing different pediatricians and being told that his feet, strained ankles and knees were "normal." When Dr. Sheinberg and Dr. Vela explained the procedure my son would go through, one foot at a time, I was uncertain. However, I felt this was my son's best chance at more normal feet and walking posture. The surgery was quick. My son had it done on a Friday and was back to school on Monday. Although there were several months of physical therapy, it was absolutely worth it. My son's posture, and gait is better. His knees, ankles, and feet no longer hurt. Having the surgery has been life-changing for my son. I'm grateful for the expertise of these doctors as they closely monitored my son's progress. The physical therapists at their office in Weston were amazing as well. It was definitely worth it! Thank you Dr. Sheinberg and Dr. Vela!
The Shearer Family

It had started with some discomfort whenever I overexerted myself running or doing some other form of heavy exercise. Then one day my trainer looked at me coming out of a lunge and pointed out that I was twisting my ankle and coming up at an angle. I was compensating for the pain by then without knowing it. I decided to be checked. I had been taking my sons to the South Florida Sports Institute for their injuries for years, as well as training at USI so it was natural that I went there for help…
In February, the diagnosis was that I did not have enough space in my metatarsal joints. I had developed bone spurs, arthritis around the joint, and cartilage damage due to all of the above. I was devastated… My options were: a) get cortisone injections for inflammation and slow down on the exercise…”Not an option for me” I said; b) a small procedure to clean the joint, but in 5 years…if I continued the level of activity, I would be faced with the same problem… So…c) surgery to clean the arthritis on the joint, and create space with two screws in each foot, hopefully I would have many more years of physical activity with this option. I chose “c”
By June, I was ready for surgery. It had gotten to the point that even reaching on my tip-toes for something was painful. I had two separate surgeries, June and August. Dr. Messina and Dr. Sheinberg were fantastic! Following through with me in every step of the process, and making sure afterwards that even therapy and easing into exercise was going well. After a few months of physical therapy, I was back on the fields…even sprinting again! Now 4 years later I can pretty much engage in any form of intense physical training I want, or even dancing the night away in high heels J Thank you!
Maru Arnott

Our daughter, Kayla, became a patient of Dr. Sheinberg’s and Dr. Messina’s a little over two years ago. Kayla was diagnosed with juvenile bunions at age 4. She suffered from severe pain in her legs and feet. As parents, we saw how this pain really impacted the quality of her life and prevented her from doing simple activities, like running and walking for long periods of time. It was heartbreaking. When Kayla became old enough for the surgery she needed, we searched and networked to find the best surgeon for our daughter. We initially consulted with Dr. Sheinberg for a second opinion; however, we left his office that first visit knowing we had finally found the perfect doctor. A Doctor who was not only trained and knowledgeable on how to treat Kayla but who truly understood what Kayla had been living with her whole life. Dr. Sheinberg explained everything in detail and was truly a blessing to our family. The care and compassion we received were beyond outstanding, before and after surgery. Kayla turned 15 on September 1st, she is pain-free and for the first time in her life, she can wear shoes without orthotics! Thank you, Dr. Sheinberg and Dr. Messina, you are absolutely the best in our eyes!
Fernando and Cinda Briones

Having surgery with South Florida Institute of Sports Medicine was the smartest decision I made when I became injured. Everyone on staff wanted the best for me and did whatever they can to make me feel assured that I would be back and better than ever. Pre-surgery I did not know if I can reach my potential as a collegiate athlete because I was in so much pain. After surgery, the physical therapy department and doctors helped me get back to where I need to be and better than I was before.They were encouraging and knew exactly what to do for me. Now, I am 100 percent, no longer have any pain, and I am happily playing the sport I love thanks to everyone at South Florida Institute of Sports Medicine.
Rebecca Sheinfeld

I am writing this regarding the surgeries my son has had on both of his feet. Before the surgeries, he had poor mobility and pain in both feet. The pain got increasingly worse with standing and running. He was not able to keep up with the other kids and it limited him in physical activity overall.
After the surgeries, he has improved significantly.. He can keep up with the other kids, enjoy all physical activity outside and is going to the gym, running on the treadmill now. He was not able to do that for any amount of time prior to surgeries. He can now enjoy the things he could not keep up with before.
We are both pleased with the outcome and are so thankful to Dr Sheinberg and Dr Messina for all their patience and support. Thanks again,
Lisa Carrizosa

You have a great office staff, wonderful surgeons, and the staff at your physical therapy center were so great that I was sad to see my time with the end. To those considering surgery, do it! My feet feel so much better.

I wanted to share the experience I had with Dr. Sheinberg's staff
and my experience. Getting prepared with consultation for my Bunionectomy was very well diagnosed, with explanations, ease and support. Dr. Sheinberg was awesome at my visits to the office, always willing to explain the procedure as many times as needed. Keisha his Medical Co-rodinator was also amazing in her attention and encouragement.
Also at times when Dr. Vela covered for Dr. Sheinberg ,it was the same cordial, comforting. encouraging
visit. The day came and I was really nervous, but again Dr. Sheinberg rescued me with his usual charm and smiles that made you feel at ease. After the surgery my family told me he came out and spoke with them to re-assure all went well.
I was so surprised when he called me at home on the day after the surgery ..a sat.. to ask how I was doing. The after visits were just as pleasant and conducted with the utmost of professionalism, concern, and comfort. I will be looking forward to doing my other foot next year. A simply great team. My Thanks,
Lorraine Brandt

Have seen Dr. Sheinberg, Dr. Messina since 2009 and the battery of doctors in this practice, and they are all in my experience first class. I am super satisfied with their services and expertise. I had both bunions removed and both Dr. Sheinberg and Dr. Messina took care of my surgery and I couldn’t be any happier. Their therapists team are as well amazing and know how to treat patients and give the best of advice in order to recover fast. I recommend this group any day!!!
Enid Padilla Ft Lauderdale